Company History

Established in 1971 in Mombasa, Kenya, Paper Converters (K) Ltd. has grown vastly over the decades to become one of the leading manufacturers of paper products in the East African Region.

The first envelope-manufacturing machine produced 5,000 envelopes per day and the company had a team of 6 personnel. Five years later, in 1977, operations were expanded, as the company moved to Nairobi and invested in two more envelope- manufacturing machines, which increased production to 30,000 envelopes per day.
Currently, we have over 20 envelope machines, with a daily capacity of 400,000 envelopes, and an expanded workforce of over 300.

In 1983, the company expanded into the manufacturing of office files and in 1991, Paper Converters began production of continuous computer stationery products.
Through the years, we have added a number of machineries to produce thermal
rolls and various stationery products, and we have continued to expand our
envelope, office file and computer stationery divisions.

In 1992, Paper Converters (K) Ltd. formed a subsidiary company, Label Craft Ltd., which is a growing manufacturer of self-adhesive labels for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and retail uses throughout Kenya.

Since inception, the company has constantly endeavored to keep up with market trends and technology and investments have continuously made into the upgrading of equipment and machinery. Over the years, the company has added new divisions and is currently a leading producer of office files, envelopes, computer stationery, thermal rolls and paper products for school and office use in Kenya.

Our wide product range and our brand, Robin, have grown to become a household name not only in Kenya, but also across the East African region. Paper Converters is well equipped to meet increasing customer demands for high quality paper products and we continue create innovative news products that evolve to changing needs.